German: translated as “longing”, “yearning”, or “craving”, or in a wider sense, a type of “intensely missing”. The word is difficult to translate adequately and describes a deep emotional state. Its meaning is somewhat similar to the Portuguese word, saudade, or the Romanian word dor. Sehnsucht is a compound word, originating from an ardent longing or yearning (das Sehnen) and addiction (die Sucht). However, these words do not adequately encapsulate the full meaning of their resulting compound, even when considered together.

Psychologists have worked to capture the essence of Sehnsucht by identifying its six core characteristics: “(a) utopian conceptions of ideal development; (b) sense of incompleteness and imperfection of life; (c) conjoint time focus on the past, present, and future; (d) ambivalent (bittersweet) emotions; (e) reflection and evaluation of one’s life; and (f) symbolic richness.


"let’s play house today. wallpaper kiss lampshade." &
"sunday morning parade. sleeping through church and state."
18x24” 4 color screenprints
available at FOE Gallery in Northampton MA on May 9th as part of my opening.


"And I’ll only feel smaller and smaller" by Daniel Danger
Giclée print mounted on board and framed
36” x 48” (37” x 49” Framed)
Limited edition of 25, $600
Hand signed and numbered
Ready-to-hang, UV-protected, archivally mounted and framed

hey all,
tomorrow morning Static Medium out of LA is releasing an edition of my "And I’ll only feel smaller and smaller" piece i did for the Mike Mitchell curated Gallery1988 show ‘SPACE’. the original sold within minutes of opening and many people have expressed interest in a large format print. well, we did it, and its absolutely huge. full size, mounted, and framed in an edition of 25. they are also doing a timed edition of a slightly smaller 30x40” version of just the print that will run through the weekend if you want to get adventurous with your own framing.

obviously this is a massive piece, as immersive as possible, and its being meticulously produced by Static Medium; so its production costs are rather high to start, making it not exactly a casual purchase. but if youre looking for a monstrous centerpiece for your house thats certainly gonna turn some heads, or just want something to get lost in, here you are… give it a good home.



Daniel Danger.

Illustrations by the very talented Daniel Danger (Previously on Supersonic).  His power with sensual, eerie darkness is unrivaled.  See more work below!

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"But the boy.. Would not beg for mercy. The boy would not beg."

Lisbeth Salander walks in: A small, pale, anorexic-looking waif in her early 20’s. Short black-dyed hair - pierced eyelid - tattoo of a wasp on her neck; probably several more under her black leather jacket - black t-shirt, black jeans, black Caterpillar boots.

Frode is only middlingly successful in concealing his initial reaction to her. This isn’t punk fashion. This is someone saying, “Stay the fuck away from me.”

At least let me give you the blanket off my bed.
O r   i s   t h a t   t o o   s c a n d a l o u s ?

Kirkwall’s roots in slavery are apparent in the structure of the city. Visitors arriving by boat are welcomed by two massive bronze statues called the Twins of Kirkwall that stand on either side of the channel. The massive chain that connects these weeping men can be raised to bar entry to the city.

- The World of Thedas

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