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  10. bystanding said: jladsf flor i’m not sure what i did to get on this list with some many boss people but thank you so much <3 and with a miyazaki graphic to boot YOU ARE TOO MUCH <3333
  11. thylaa said: *hugs happily* thank you so much, Flor! ♥♥♥ oh my goodness, I am honoured. and that is the best follow friday graphic ever and spirited away and and and gah. *continues to hug, and will not let go* *the pic makes me want to hug things ok*
  12. vanillatwist said: Flor, you are wonderfully amazing and this graphic is adorable and I absolutely do not deserve to be on this list but thank you. So very much. <3
  13. songsofthestars said: Eee, Flor, thank you so much! <3 And that graphic is so cute!
  14. mcmorgans said: THAT GRAPHIC IS SO CUTE! :’) And oh, Flor. YOU ARE A SWEETHEART. Thank you so much, love! ILU. ♥♥♥